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Veľkosť chodidla: 267 mm. Ak vám tenisky nebudú sedieť, radi vám ich vymeníme. Pre správny výber veľkosti pozri veľkostnú tabuľku.

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Mino Stefanik was a very educated man. He was a careerist, and he achieved that. However, when he read how wise everyone in Slovakia is, how they know how to analyze everything and break it down in detail, he did not understand it at all. It is very easy to talk about things when they have already happened. Then each of us is a general.


Our sneakers are made of cotton. The inner insole, softened heel and tongue sections make sneakers comfortable. Anatomical insoles make it possible to wear sneakers all day long. The durable material of the outsole eliminates the effect of the heeled heel. Used stitching ensures a firm connection of the sole with the sneaker itself. Thanks to the new design of the outsole, the sneakers are really light – 540 g (size 38). More information about sneakers can be found here.


Značka Onaque je svetom vtipných ilustrácií. Majú radi pekné kreslené veci, ale ešte radšej majú, ak majú aj čo povedať a vyjadrujú určitý postoj. Ich cieľom nie je vyrábať tuctové veci, ale kvalitné designové produkty, ktoré sú “onakvé” a niektoré majú aj svoj vlastný príbeh. Viac o Onaque si prečítajte v ich dizajnérskom profile.

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