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Choosing the right sneaker size based on the length of the foot does not require much effort, but it is important to make it as accurate as possible.

The measurement is ideally done in the evening, as the foot may swell slightly during the day. It is necessary to wear a sock if you do not plan to wear sneakers barefoot.

We recommend this procedure:

1. Place A4 or larger paper against the wall.

2. Lean your heel lightly against the wall.

3. Transfer your body weight to the leg you are measuring.

4. Mark the length of the foot with a pencil. It is ideal if the marking is done by a second person, as you yourself can move your leg during this operation and thus distort the measurement.

5. Measure the measured length with a ruler.

6. Always measure both feet. Choose the size according to the longer one.

7. You can find a suitable sneaker size in the table by searching for the same or the next greater length of the foot. For example if your measured foot size is 242 mm, then in the table you will find a foot length of 247 mm, which is the next larger size. This corresponds to the TIKOKI sneaker size 39.

8. If you measure a length that will correspond to a size significantly different from what you normally wear, then the measurement must be repeated, exactly according to the steps mentioned above.

9. If you repeatedly get a different size, choose a size no larger than 1 size or 1 size smaller than you normally wear.

10. If, based on the measurement, you decide on a larger size than you are wearing, please state this in the order notes and we will include a half-bed with your order, which will ensure that the size is reduced to half a size.