Sneakers with a corporate design can be a nice story

Sneakers in corporate design can be an unexpected gift for your clients and partners. They can evoke emotions - amazement, laughter, surprise, joy or gratitude.

They help strengthen the corporate identity in teambuildings. At the same time, they can revive your company's consumer competitions or create interesting corporate merch.

We will be happy to prepare an attractive offer for you

Tailor-made design

Delivery from 2 weeks

From 1 pair of sneakers



“We like Slovak design and products, which is why we fell in love with these sneakers at first sight. We wear them to all our events, where they often become the center of attention.”

Lucia Rabatinová
Marketing Director



We look forward to every cooperation. We advise the client and together with him we create sneakers. Sometimes, however, the client comes up with his own design and a clear idea of what the sneakers should bring to the company. So it was in this case. The client’s expectations were fulfilled and we applaud : )



We produce sneakers as gifts for colleagues, business partners, for promotions, as corporate uniform or just for pleasure. But a carrier of corporate identity and corporate values? When the client told us his intention, we considered it a great challenge. Judge for yourself how they did it. Each employee could choose the design that was closest to him. We give a thumbs up.  Good job : )



These sneakers have something to envy. They will be at gala concerts, city festivities, VIP parties, music festivals, car shows and other beautiful events organized by the DreamPRO agency. Farewell!

Modular Hallen


“Please,  design of sneakers that will reflect the activities of our company. We are mostly a male team.” This is how our cooperation usualy begins.

DNA Sportswear


Sneakers that people from a small Austrian sportswear brand had just made for fun 🙂

Mapei SK


Sneakers that Mapei SK donated to its employees. They were part of the company’s teambuilding event.

Viva Musica! Festival


These sneakers were part of the festival Merch.

Chateau Heralec


One of the most stylish hotels we have ever seen has prepared an unconventional merchandise for its guests, as a reminder of the pleasant moments spent with them.

Greg & Rich


Small or large company? In the case of company sneakers, it really doesn’t matter. It is important whether they make you happy 🙂

Respect Slovakia


Companies are also celebrating. We are glad that our sneakers were part of an amazing celebration. First as a surprise, then as a hallmark of belonging to a successful company.

Sneakers with a corporate design can be creative

Modern technologies currently provide huge opportunities for creative representation of corporate identity.

In the video, we will introduce you to the process of designing and manufacturing sneakers in our workshop. It is a combination of innovative and traditional methods.

If you are interested in the possibility of creating company sneakers, we will be happy to create them for you. We believe that it will be an interesting common story, from the design of sneakers to the joy of their future wearers - you, your co-workers and customers.

Contact us without obligation, we will be happy to talk to you about what sneakers with an individual design can bring to your company.

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