Why - Tikoki

Prečo Tikoki?

We create non-traditional design

When we ask our customers what attracted them to our sneakers, it is usually an unconventional, imaginative and distinctive design. Yes, that’s how our idea for sneakers came about. We wanted to wear something out of the ordinary.

However, we are glad that our returning customers also mention other reasons.

We make quality sneakers

We make sneakers that we can show off. By the way they are comfortable, they have an anatomical insole and foam bandages. Or how light they are, because we cared about the design.

We really spend a lot of time constantly improving our sneakers. We love it when our production colleagues start a sentence with – we could try a different seam, use a different thread or adjust the cut. Some of the innovation will work and we will improve the process.

You can read more about our sneakers in this article.

We support the local community

We design and manufacture sneakers in Slovakia. We also looked for suppliers and partners who we could be as close to as possible, help each other and at the same time save nature. You can also get involved.

If you buy sneakers and if own have a café, our seamstress may buy coffee from you or similarily get a haircut if you are a hairdresser. We think that together we can help our community and we want to contribute to that.

We offer a fair price

We are often asked the question – why do your sneakers cost as much as they cost? There are several reasons:

the first reason – we only produce a limited number of sneakers a year. As a result, material suppliers do not give us as low prices as to companies that order in large quantities.

the second reason – we design and manufacture them in Slovakia, where we live.

the third reason – we try to do them well, not to miss anything or to simplify them. This takes time, which is reflected in the price.

There are several other reasons, but these are the most important ones.

We think of nature

We design and manufacture sneakers so that our customers like to wear them and know why they buy them. So that the purchase is not just the result of some discount superaction and they end up worn in a shoebox. We want them to wear them for a long time and maybe even wear them down. We believe that this is a path that does not lead to excessive consumption.

We are looking for partners and suppliers who are not far from us in order to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the production of sneakers.

We do not produce in stock so that we do not have to sell out or trash unsold pieces.

At every step of production we try to make good decisions. For example, use an ecological variant of glue, to minimize waste or, use materials that do not burden nature more than necessary.

The pursuit of sustainability is an endless journey. We still see opportunities where things can be improved.

We like to do our job

A trivial reason for someone, but not for us. Many of us have left the world of corporate security and very satisfactory earnings. One cannot have everything, but we believe we have gained more than we lost. When was the last time you looked forward to work? If today, you certainly understand us 🙂