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Return policy

1. Returning of goods must be exercised in writing via e-mail to: with particular defects of the goods, that the buyer is returning. Along with a complaint, the buyer is obliged to deliver to the Seller the defective goods on his contact address. The goods must be cleaned.


2. The return policy only relates to defects in the goods for which the seller is liable. In the case of defective goods for which the seller is responsible, the buyer has a right to repair the goods, the exchange of goods, or receiving the price paid (including the price of transport in case of delivery) at the option of the Seller. In case of refund the price will be (including the price of transport in case of cash) returned to the buyer at their account if they do not agree with the Seller otherwise.


3. The return policy does not cover defects of goods created by the buyer.


4. If the goods show defects, i.e. particularly if the goods are sold to the purchaser in damaged transport packaging, the buyer is entitled to refuse taking the goods. In this case, the buyer shall retain their entitlement to provide proper function of the Seller or to get a refund of the purchase price according to the buyer.


5. In the event when the received goods are defected in any way after transfer to buyer, the buyer can exercise their legitimate complaints and return the goods.


6. The length of the warranty period is governed by the applicable provisions of the law, therefore it lasts 24 months, with exceptions governed by law. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt by the buyer.


7. In case the returned goods are delivered by mail or courier, a responsible person of the Seller will take them, check the delivery, documentation (invoice, sales receipt, packing), the relevant date for the time-period of the claim, which is the date accepted by the courier or postman . Goods sent for delivery will not be taken by the Seller; the Seller advises to insure the goods.


8. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases provided by the generally-binding legal regulations. The withdrawal is effective against the Seller from the moment they receive a written statement on the Buyer‘s withdrawal. In case of withdrawal, the contract is cancelled from the beginning and the parties are obliged to return everything that was promised in the contract.


9. Product warranty service is arranged by the seller. The seller will on the day of the complaint issue to the purchaser a receipt of the returned goods in which defects in the goods will be pinpointed in accordance with the generally-binding legal regulations.


10. Returns, including the removal of defects must be provided promptly, in appropriate cases within 30 days from the date of the claim. After this period the buyer is entitled to cancel the contract or the right to exchange the defected goods for new ones.


11. If you need to change the size of your sneakers, or if you change your mind about buying them, you can return the undamaged and unused sneakers within 14 days of receipt. You can download the return card here.