Sneaky Shoe Wipes

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Sneaky Wipes are premium dual sided shoe wipes for cleaning sneakers, shoes and trainers. Each wipe has one side of raised rubber dots to help remove and scrub out dirt. The other side is smooth which is for gentle cleaning and softer uppers.

Sneaky shoe wipes are pocket sized for on the go use or perfect for travel. They are the strongest shoe cleaning wipes in the market with an embedded cleaning solution which is tough on stains.

93 % biodegradable material. 12 individual wipes per pack. Approximate size of individual wipe 20 x 21 cm


Step One – Gently peel back the seal half way to expose wipes opening.
Step Two – Use raised rubber dots side for tougher dirt and stains.
Step Three – Use the smooth side for wiping clean and smoother areas.
Step Four – Always reseal pack to prevent wipes from drying out. Dispose of wipes in the bin.


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